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Dangal – What a knock-out performance by Aamir and the girls!

Posted in Uncategorized by Geetika Sachdev on December 31, 2016

Ever since the trailer of the film Dangal came out, fans across India and the world waited with bated breath for the film to release. And after all the hype, Aamir’s Khan Dangal did not disap…

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Make way for these 10 autowalas you will encounter all the time!

Posted in Uncategorized by Geetika Sachdev on June 7, 2016


We all have a love-hate relationship with the autowala. They might take you for a ride (both literally and metaphorically!), but you just can’t do without them. Here are the different types of autowalas you encounter all the time, who make you laugh, yell or even fly…


1) The Slow Coach
This particular autowala reinforces your faith in Murphy’s Law. If you are late to work or in a real rush, he will make sure that he drives so slow that it can cause high BP in penguins.



2) The-I-am-inspired-by-Schumacher

On the contrary, this one will send you flying out of the auto. He could give any professional F1 racer a run for his money. Trucks, cars, pigs or cows, nothing matters. If you come in his way, you will get blown away!



3) ‘Madam, change nahi hai’

You would have definitely encountered this autowala, who has tons of change but refuses to give you any. Every time you give him a hundred rupee note or even a twenty, he will sheepishly grin and say, ‘Madam, change nahi hai’.



4) The money-minting machine

Here comes the autowala who can raise your temper in a jiffy. He looks for every opportunity to overcharge and if he is the only one around and sees you helpless, he knows he has hit the jackpot!



5) The rear-view creep

This one constantly has an eye on you! This autowala is like a CCTV camera; all your actions are monitored by him. Don’t you get a queasy feeling in your stomach every time you come across this type?



6) The blabbermouth

He has an opinion on everything – politics, movies, civic issues or even the weather. This autowala comes with the guarantee of a headache by the end of your ride. Best thing to do: Plug in your headphones and let him blabber!


7) The DJ

Latest remixes, sad songs, or screechy Punjabi numbers – this autowala has some collection. If his choice of numbers doesn’t annoy you, the speakers will!



8) The expletive-loving autowala
He is always angry. For every situation he encounters during the course of his ride, he will mouth an expletive. If a cow comes before his auto, he will use the choicest cuss words. Don’t you underestimate the vocabulary of this autowala!

giphy (2)


9) The Compulsive Liar

This one just lies, all the time. You ask him if he knows the route, he will lie through his teeth. You ask him if he has change, he will nod his head even if he doesn’t. He is the sort who is worse than an unfaithful boyfriend. You might end up banging your head against a door, thanks to his sheer annoyance!

giphy (3)


10) The GPS (Not!)

Haha, here comes the one who claims to beat Google Maps (or at least give it a tough fight), but fails miserably. This autowala has taken it upon him to take you on a darshan of your city. His earth-shattering confidence is what gets him all the customers!



And the sane auto driver? Still looking for one!




Definitely,maybe:A movie review

Posted in Uncategorized by Geetika Sachdev on October 15, 2009

When I first saw the promo of this movie, I knew this was one of the ‘chick flicks’ to not miss for anything in this world. Though it did come across as a typical rom-com loaded with the mushiness and sentimental quotient, it turned out to be much more than that. It unfolds the story of a man,his daughter and the three women who play a significant role in his life, it is a heart-wrenching drama.

The protagonist William Hayes(Ryan Reynolds) is a regular 9-to-5 workaholic.He is a soon- to be- divorcee and his daughter played by Maya is shattered by their parents decision, she cant accept the reality.At such a delicate age, she pesters her dad to tell her how he met her mother.Will very slyly doesn’t reveal the exact details but makes mer ponder over who her mother really is.

Will reminisces the old times; he goes back to 1992 when he was dating the very adorable Emily( Elizabeth Banks) who left him to work for Bill Clinton’s family in New York. Then comes a new chapter in his life,April who is the total opposite of Elizabeth, she is an avid traveler.He bumps into her at his workplace and theres an instant connection between the two. When she’s out on one of her travelling escapades enters girl number three. Summer(Rachel)  is a writer by profession and is involved in a relationship with a man almost double her age. Will takes an instant liking to her and but things do not work out for them. It is a mystery which isnt easily solvable, the search for Maya’s mother isnt an easy task.

The movie is a brilliant masterpiece, with director Adam brooks showing a perfect transition between the past and the present. The movie has a personal touch to it; there is a certain warmth attached to it. All the actors have played their part very well, especially the 10 year old, who comes across as very relatable.

The movie does have certain drawbacks. The director has not showed or mentioned at any point in the film, why the divorce took place.The actor who played Summer’s boyfriend was unnecessary to the storyline and one could have done without him. Also, at times the past and the present do merge leaving one confused, though it is beautifully presented.

The movie keeps you glued on to your seat till the end, there is no way one can predict who the mother is till the movie is done. There are a number of twists throughout the movie, which make it worthwhile to watch. Watch it for the great storyline and the noteworthy performances.

-Geetika Sachdev

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Geetika Sachdev:Excessive pressure makes Jack a dull boy!!

Posted in Uncategorized by Geetika Sachdev on October 10, 2009

Since I have been a toddler, I have heard the old adage ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ a million times, be it my mom relentlessly trying to put this into my head or even my school teachers . Very true, indeed. but isn’t it that work and work only play a significant role in this rat race to the top position? Come to think of it, have we ever realized what Jack really wants? As silly as it may sound, this is the story of all the children who are struggling hard to establish their position in this competitive world. And what do we achieve out of all this? Nothing but more and more pressure.

I personally feel India is too academic-centric. It is very sad but for all of us, including me, marks have become the be- all and end-all of our lives.I myself was never in the 90 percent bracket, and was under the purview that I am not even going to secure admission in a decent college, leave alone the top notch ones. Though, I am presently pursuing Philosophy Honours, which to many seems vague, I know for a fact that I have evolved into a new person thanks to this course. Each course has its own advantages, its just that we need to change our outlook.

Vocational courses in India are hardly given any importance..Even in this jet age, a person is generally praised and acknowledged only if he is an ENGINEER or an MBA. Why so? Don’t creative courses require as much hard work?  The problem lies in our thinking. We must open up to new avenues and let the children do whatever their interest lies in. My parents  have always supported me, so I consider myself in the lucky lot.

It might seem irrelevant to mention here, but Wake up Sid, a recent movie reminds us of the same. The protagonist, Siddharth Mehra is not ready for the run-0f-the-mill 9-to-5 job. Instead, he wants to venture into photography and make a mark..And when he gets to do what he wants, he flourishes.!!

All in all, I would like to sign off here by emphasizing on the point that ‘Whatever one does, do it to the best of your ability’.It is better to involve yourself in unconventional courses or jobs rather than being a mediocre engineering student or anything which is the trend. Try setting the trend, don’t care about what people say..And Believe me, someday the world will follow you.

-Geetika Sachdev